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Hokkaido BuBu Rental Car supports your journey like no other. Rental cars are essential when traveling across Hokkaido, and we are the only provider of import cars for rental. In order to comfortably and luxuriously travel across the extensive land of Hokkaido, we have prepared a great lineup of various vehicles that will accommodate and cater to your every need.

Owner and Policy

Because we are an official import car dealer, we are able to procure an abundant lineup of Audis, Volkswagens and other stylish and luxurious vehicles for your travel needs. We are based at New Chitose Airport, Chitose Station Hotel(connected to JR Chitose) and Sapporo Grand Hotel, and we offer shuttle bus service.



3F,1,South 7, West 2,Chuo Ward, Sapporo , Hokkaido.GoogleMap


TEL +81-11-788-0011

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