The great white church with a 180 degree view of Sapporo downtown.


The church covers over 8,250 square meters of nature on the side of Mt. Moiwa, and beautiful roses that are the symbol of the church bloom in season. From the gardens, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Sapporo city and the shimmering blue of the Ishikari Bay.


The doors open and the couple that have just finished their wedding ceremony are welcomed by a dream-like panorama and the cheers of family and friends. We will be looking out for the happiness of the couple forever from on top of this hill.


The interior of the sanctuary of this church built of European architecture is made up of beautiful corridors and stained glass handcrafted by Italian maestros, and a gorgeous Hungarian pipe organ 4 meters high that is said to produce a beautiful sound that is unchanging for at least 400 years. This beautiful sanctuary promises to deliver a ceremony that will be engraved on your heart forever.

The preacher, Akira Ono

The preacher, Akira Ono started the Odori Church of Christ in 1989, and has been evangelising and volunteering in the city for many years. He took up the position as the main preacher at the Rose Garden Christ Church under the belief that "A happy couple and family create a peaceful world." Together with his wife Noriko, they have been active in evangelising and helping with the church.





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