Resort hotel where you can encounter colorful miracles


Where vast pastoral landscapes continue under an endless sky, and the high peaks of the Taisetsu Mountain Range stand composed, this is where Orika is located. This is where you can encounter the various colorful miracles that are woven together by the seasons. This is an Orika holiday.


Orika is Ainu for "On top of a hill." It is our hope that this location that Orika boasts will become like a second home unlike any other, for our guests. This slightly luxurious and relaxing place is Orika.


All of the rooms are designed with large picture windows that display the Tokachidake Mountain Range and the gorgeous scenery that Orika presents. The walls are plastered with diatomite for a natural environment.


We support local production for local consumption by using local ingredients grown without the use of pesticides or very minimal pesticides. We hope that you will enjoy the wonders of Furano from inside the body with our delicious meals made with the abundant blessings of the land here.



North 17,West 2,Nakafurano-cho,Hokkaido,JapanGoogleMap


TEL +81-167-44-3000 FAX +81-167-44-4266

Facility Information

・Free Wi-Fi
・Language available (English)

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