Hokkaido is an Island of Treasures

In recent years, we have seen a huge increase in foreign tourists from the nearby Asian countries to Hokkaido quadruple in the past 13 years, and in 2015 that number reached an all-time height of 2 million. Hokkaido is not merely an island blessed with a myriad of tourism resources, but it also features characteristics such as local foods that are safe and reliable, advanced medicine, and leading technology in fields of cold climate areas. It is our hope that you will take the opportunity to explore these venues on your trip to Hokkaido, and utilize information gained in creating business connections and future investments.

Kyosuke Hoshino
Asahi Inovex Co., Ltd CEO
The Sapporo Chamber of
Commerce and Industry Vice Chairman

You won't get tired of Hokkaido however many times you visit.

I came to Hokkaido about 20 years ago. Thanks to my work related to tourism, I have been to every nook and cranny of Hokkaido. While enjoying its fresh clean air, blue skies, lush greenery, clear oceans and lakes, pure white snow, fresh foods and extensive land, I have become a big fan of Hokkaido and have been engaging in business as residing here.
The seasons are very distinct here in Hokkaido, offering a large variety of activities in every season, such as enjoying the beautiful flowers in spring, golf and camping in summer, culinary delights and admiring the fall colors in autumn, and skiing during winter. Needless to say, though I have been here for 20 years, I have not grown tired of the many things Hokkaido has to offer.
Hokkaido is indeed a treasure island full of appeal. Each year, Hokkaido sees a 20% increase in the number or tourists who visit Hokkaido. I sincerely invite you to come to Hokkaido and experience the magnificent appeal it possesses for yourself, and to seize the opportunity to turn it into a business ingredient.
Here at Premium Hokkaido, we are ready to help and assist your every need in various fields, whether in tourism, investments or trade. We believe that Hokkaido has the power to give you a richer and happier life.


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Premium Hokkaido Co., Ltd
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Senior Executive Director
Tatsuya Kambayashi
Miyuki Mikami
Tsuyoshi Asano
Major Stockholders
Hokkaido Chinawork Co., Ltd.
Hokkaido Regional Revitalization Fund (Hokkaido Bank and other)
North Pacific Bank Innovation Fund (North Pacific Bank)
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IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators)
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