Basking in the luxury of enjoying the leisurely flow of time


Serenity and the leisurely flow of time are created by the fact that there are only 6 rooms in the entire hotel. Each room is a spacious suite room, where guests can fully enjoy the value of true relaxation. We promise extensive hospitality and service made possible due to our exclusivity.


There is a luxury that can be acquired by simply just getting away for a short while from your usual daily environment. A serene moment. The hustle and bustle of busy daily life is lost here, and time flows ever so slowly. This peace and relief is likened to that of meeting an old dear friend, a warmth felt from the porch of home, a gentle and comfortable feeling.


The gentle scent of rice straw of raised tatami floors on 50m² floor greets you. Outside a small Japanese garden expresses the changing seasons. The garden can be seen from the room, raised floor space, and from the bath. You can also cool off after your bath on the small veranda that leads to the garden.


Enjoy conversation while the chef grills your Shiraoi beef steak right in front of you, in our Teppan-style restaurant. You can also enjoy course meals at the counter, which are made by our professional chefs.

Hot Springs

Our moor hot springs are created from ancient peat that lies 1,345 meters below ground, underneath our hotel. Moor or botanical hot springs are known to be gentle and soothing on skin. This moor hot spring is also potable, which is another form of healing it offers. Heal body and soul as you relax in our gentle moor hot springs.





TEL +81-144-85-4001 FAX +81-144-85-4002

Facility Information

・Free Wi-Fi
・6 rooms in total (each room included observation deck private open-air bath)
・Language available (English)
・Whole building privately reserved is available (Price is negotiable)
・Breakfast (Japanese style restaurant )
・Dinner (Japanese style restaurant (Private room is available))
・Teppanyaki Restaurant
・Beauty Salon・Spa is available
・Single room is available

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