The power of brown rice and enzymes has claimed over 120 thousand fans!


Genmai Koso Co. has been researching, producing and selling fermented brown rice enzymes for over 40 years. Brown rice enzymes are being researched and studies at universities all over the nation, and already it has acquired seven licenses for its production method and chemical composition that prevents the development of diabetes. In 2015 it received the Gold Award of the Northern Brands.

Owner and Policy

In order to create safe and excellent products, the company built its own production factory and the Chuo research center in 1985. In the year 2000, they became the first health food company in Hokkaido, and the first vegetable fermentation processing company in Japan to receive the "ISO9001" recognition. Hokkaido brown rice grown by contracted farmers is taken and under the strictest management is fermented in order to make the finest and safest product. The main ingredients of brown rice enzymes is germ, epidermis and kidney beans, which after undergoing a text to determine pesticide residue called positive list method, show absolutely zero pesticides. This is why our product can be used for people of all ages from babies to the elderly.


We believe that food (brown rice and natural foods), movement (moderate exercise), and the heart (mental stability) are the three elements that must be in harmony to promote health. Among these, food is the key to true health. In 1988, we built the Toya Health Hall on a hill overlooking the Toyako National Park. We use fresh, safe and reliable local vegetables and brown rice to create healthy natural food dishes for you to enjoy. We built a health information base in Ryogoku, Tokyo called the Ryogoku Eco Building, where we promote healthy eating, and introduce and carry natural foods, and operate a natural foods restaurant.



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