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Our brand of lingzhi mushroom, "Ouko" are high quality because the entire process needed to grow the mushrooms; creating the bed, germination and growth and production, all take place and are monitored in our own company. We bring lingzhi mushrooms grown in the clean and blessed environment Hokkaido has to offer.

Owner and Policy

Pure Hokkaido lingzhi mushrooms, Ouko, were created under cultivation methods researched and created by our company, and are very rare and high quality "Deer Horn Lingzhi Mushrooms." By maintaining a clean cultivation environment and efficient management system, we are able to grow high quality, safe and reliable mushrooms that are full of "β-Glucan," which aid the body in its ability to maintain health and energy.


[Ouko Deer Horn-shaped Lingzhi Mushroom Capsules Premium]
High quality 100% Ouko deer horn-shaped lingzhi mushrooms are ground into powder and placed into easy-to-swallow capsules.

[High quality Deer Horn-shaped Lingzhi Mushroom Tea "Reisen Meito"]
We bring you relaxation with our finest deer horn-shaped lingzhi mushroom tea!

Deer horn-shaped lingzhi mushrooms, the king of all lingzhi mushrooms!!

Deer horn-shaped lingzhi mushrooms are created over a long period of time, through infinitesimal changes in the environment that make them divide into shapes like a deer's horn, are so rare, that there are said to be only one in every several tens of thousands.





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