Creating something that will be loved for a lifetime, that it what making is all about.


Conde House is dedicated to crafting furniture that will be loved and used for a lifetime, and proposing a lifestyle that incorporates the use of fine wooden furniture. For half a century, since its establishment in 1968, they have strived to globally disseminate knowledge on the art of Japanese craft-making, from the city of Asahikawa, Hokkaido. Today, Conde House is a global entity, with locations in nineteen countries.

Owner and Policy

The art of woodwork originated in Asahikawa, which is surrounded by the Taisetsu Mountains, and rich with acres of forests to provide lumber. Conde House has also been making furniture here, next to the deep and beautiful northern forests, sensing the breath of each tree that we hold in our hands. It is our belief that, if we are to take the life a a tree that has been erect for 100, 200 years, it is our responsibility to use every part of the tree to make tools that can be used for a long time. Our products are made by matching the growth rate of the tree to items that can be used long-term, by carefully deciding on the materials, the structure and design, so that our furniture will be loved the more it is used.


Within one year of introducing the product, it grew to be a domestically popular item. The dignified form of the wood, contrasts to the smooth lines of the arm and back made with resin. The ideal balance of "sharpness and softness" is evident and expressed in every angle of the chair. Ash wood used for the materials, are harvested in Hokkaido. (Upper 2 photos)
"A chair that looks like a chair," is a series born of the experience and knowledge of designer, Naoto Fukazawa. The proportions of the chair, which are common among all items in the series, are absolutely perfect. The edge of the back, arm and seat of the chair are raised as much as possible to provide beauty with slight sense of tension, and create unity overall. Japanese Oak used for materials is harvested in Hokkaido. (Middle 2 photos)
Each step of the process is performed with care to bring out a sense of volume and delicate lines. The design was the brainchild of designer Kiyoshi Setogawa, who sought a design that showcased the beauty of nature. The texture of wood is present in the high-quality LUX series. (Lower 2 photos)


【TEN】Michael Schneider(Germany) designscheider
Michael Schneider manages many projects such as researching trends, designing furniture and other products, as well as designing exhibits. His clientele is spread internationally, and he strives to create designs for new items that are uniquely beautiful, yet highly functional.
【KAMUY】Naoto Fukasawa Design
Fukazawa handles designs and consulting for leading international brands, as well as Japanese corporations. He has received many awards, both domestically and internationally for his designs.
【WING LUX】Kiyoshi Setogawa / ZERO First Design
Kiyoshi Setogawa's work spreads across a wide range of fields, from domestic interior and product design, to planning of furniture stores, department stores, and commercial facilities.


Head Office・Asahikawa Shop

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