Heart, Beauty, Skill, Captivate. Hospitality brought to you with authentic Sushi.


We are a long-standing Sushi restaurant that opened in 1971. Our owner, the first Sushi chef in Hokkaido who has been awarded the Modern Day Craftsman Award and Yellow Ribbon Medal by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, also went abroad to expand the culture of Sushi and teach local chefs how to prepare the Sushi. With the gentle but energetic calling out to customers in the calm and relaxed atmosphere, guests can enjoy seasonal delicacies. Enjoy the perfect balance of rice and the fresh seafood.

Owner and Policy

We only use the finest and most fresh seafood from Hokkaido and other parts of the country. Time consuming methods of Edomae cooking which involves stewing, braising, grilling, steaming, curing and pickling are not spared in our preparation of ingredients in order to bring out the ultimate taste and visual beauty of our Sushi.

Alcohol and Cuisine

We have a large variety of Japanese Sakes, mainly made in Hokkaido that match perfectly with Sushi, such as our very own Sushizen Yukino Hana. We also have Shochu and wines. You can also enjoy a la carte dishes such as mullet roe marinated in miso, Hokkaido lily root dumplings, and grilled fatty tuna collar bone.


We recommend our chef's choice course meal that is arranged according to your budget. Our course meals (reservation necessary) which include an Abalone Steak, are especially popular for business dinners and treating guests. We can also make course meals according to what you would like.



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TEL +81-11-612-0068

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