Jewels, located on the top of Mt. Moiwa, the highest point in Sapporo, is "the restaurant in the sky."


The restaurant located inside the observatory of Mt. Moiwa at an elevation of 531 meters, is decorated with all glass windows so guests can enjoy the 270 degree view and the breathtaking nightline of Sapporo. A portion of the ceiling is dome-shaped and at night stars and graphic art are projected onto the ceiling, providing an enjoyable "restaurant in the sky" for guests.

Owner and Policy

The "restaurant in the sky" located at the highest point in Sapporo is a place that turns the day into something extra special for those who climb Mt. Moiwa. It is full of neat surprises and experience service beyond entertainment, that will make you want to bring that special someone, or celebrate an anniversary here.

Alcohol and Cuisine

Jewels provides French Cuisine made with generous amounts of Hokkaido ingredients and the authentic flavor each ingredient possesses.





TEL +81-11-513-0531

Facility Information

・Free Wi-Fi
・Advance booking is required

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